Apple’s 2020 November 10 event passed and Apple silicon will be the future of Macs. Nevertheless, the new M1 chip is promising a bright future for app developers with faster Xcode build times.

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Actually, the main thing that rings in my head after the Apple event is faster Xcode builds time. Just think about it ~3X faster Xcode builds, sounds too good to be true. We just need to wait and see when real macs are out, but hopes are really high.

To be precise here are some actual comparison provided by Apple, it should be faster than i7 😮 I really wait till Macbook Pro 16" will come out with even more powerful chip.

M1 — Apple promise

Getting Started

Simple explanation of HMM with visual examples instead of complicated math formulas

HMM is very powerful statistical modeling tool used in speech recognition, handwriting recognition and etc. I wanted to use it, but when I started digging deeper I saw that not everything is clearly enough explained and examples not simple enough. Also quite often scientific publication about HMM was written in complicated way and lacking simplicity. So I decided to create simple and easy to understand explanation of HMM in high level for me and for everyone interested in this topic.

HMM questions

HMM answers these questions:

Evaluation — how much likely is that something observable will happen? …

C++ project structure for complicated multi-library project with unit testing and cross-platform build

Initial chalenges

I decided to create speech recognition library in C++ and I faced some challenges:

  • how C++ project structure should look
  • how to make cross-platform builds

I’m new to C++ so this simple task how to structure my project code wasn’t straight forward. An idea how C++ project structure should look like I got looking at open source C++ libraries. Details what the idea is will be discussed in other sections.

For cross-platform builds I decided to use CMake which after some investigation looked to me quite widely used and well suited for my project. …

iOS developer for 8+ years and iOS tech lead @MobilePay

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